Saturday 6 April 2024

More on Trucks


The Tesla Cybertruck. Not my cup of tea.

Someone on the Airstream Addicts Facebook group posted a photo of one of these hitched up to their Airstream. My reaction was a single word; "Awful".

My goodness, you should have seen the pushback!

My comment was based on how the truck looks. In my view, it's a design aberration, something a six-year-old might draw with it's straight lines and obtuse angles. I certainly wasn't commenting on the electric vehicle's capacity to tow an Airstream, nor that it was otherwise unsuitable for the task at hand, but seeing one of these angular beasts hooked up to the shiny curves of an Airstream just jarred my senses.

But the pushback came. I was being rude, apparently, and upsetting the clearly proud owner of the truck with my rudeness. Of course, if you publish a picture into the public domain, you automatically open yourself up to comments of all sorts, and if you're not prepared for that then I'd suggest that you don't publish the picture in the first place. The original poster wasn't fazed, though, because he had more positive comments than negative, and he said so. That didn't stop people trying to imply that I shouldn't say anything negative, ever, which is rich given the comments that pictures of my tow vehicle garner whenever I publish them.

Then, of course, there those who assumed I was saying that an EV wasn't up to the job. From what I see about EVs towing trailers, they seem perfectly capable, but I never mentioned its capability and was still assailed by people suggesting I was some kind of Luddite. Don't you just love the Internet?

I would just say that appearance aside, the Cybertruck looks a better tow vehicle than most regular trucks, although I say "looks" because I don't know how it's been put together, it dimensions and other key indicators. It does seem to have a low center of gravity, it's very aerodynamic in its shape, and it doesn't have a huge overhang behind the rear axle. If it has independent suspension then it checks quite a few towing boxes. But I still wouldn't use one, EV or not, especially as the prices start at USD82K!